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Mystery Electronics is an electronics brand. Belongs to a company registered in the USA in 1999.

  • Manufactured in China;
  • There are representative offices of this TM in Ukraine, operating under a license agreement for the use of TM Mystery.

The Mystery product range includes:

  • auto electronics and accessories;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • small and large household appliances;
  • climatic equipment.

The main Mystery service center is located in Kyiv;

Service support for users throughout Ukraine.

The American company Mystery was founded by friends and businessman P. Barton and N. Manson. The Mystery trademark was born in the United States of America in 1999, as they say, at the turn of the millennium, so it can be safely called a young brand.

The brand name “MYSTERY” translates as “mystery”. The appearance of the company on the market can be considered quite natural, when you know that friends and businessman are fond of good sound in everyday life.

At first, they set as their goal to create such audio devices that could be available to anyone. Moreover, the devices should be of such quality and such a price that a person of average income could dream of them and purchase them with pleasure. And fellow businessmen coped with their task!

The principle of the company’s work is based primarily on the careful tracking of progressive technologies in the world of audio systems and the careful selection of materials and components for their manufacture. Also, the company’s specialists always focus on the final price of the product. As a result, business friends were able to obtain a product whose functional properties correspond to the most expensive competitors. And although the price did not allow them to be called elite, they actually were.

As a result of a well-thought-out policy and marketing moves, it was possible to establish a balanced production of a large model range of different types of products. This is the entire range from the world of car audio, multimedia, car video, car audio, amplifiers, subwoofers and car tuning accessories, cables and other things in the Car Audio & Video market.

We emphasize that the company produces not only audio systems for cars. Under the brand name Mystery, you can see power amplifiers, receivers, televisions and monitors that can be mounted on the ceiling of a car cab; video recorders and GPS-navigators; multimedia systems with a retractable monitor;

It is also necessary to say about Mystery auto accessories. We are talking about car seat covers, voltage converters, security systems, rear view cameras, compressors, parking sensors, etc.

Also, consumers are happy to buy meat grinders from Mystery, blenders, convection ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, steamers, electric kettles, juicers and much more. All this concerns the Mystery household appliances group.

From the group of climatic equipment, our air conditioners, heaters, fans, air humidifiers have established themselves as reliable and high-quality equipment at an affordable price.

A group of audio and video equipment, which includes televisions, players, speakers, microsystems and much more, competes in quality with well-known brands.

For more than 20 years, Mystery has been delighting people around the world with its high-quality and affordable appliances, which are manufactured in China.

We are glad to be of service to you and are always ready for suggestions and comments.