Buy any Mystery Smart TV in the period from 01.12.22 to 28.02.22 and get “3 months of cinema on as a gift”.

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The model range of Mystery climate equipment has expanded with two new categories – Fan Heaters and Convectors.

Fan heaters are represented by five models. MCH-1002 and MCH-1102 are available in silver color and have six programs for specific user needs.
MCH-1012, MCH-1111, MCH-1112 are fan heaters with a standard set of functions in a classic and practical design.

Three models are presented in the category of convector heaters – MCH-1202, MCH-1215 and MCH-1220. Mystery convectors are equipped with thermostats with regulators, as well as a power switch with three levels. The principle of operation of Mystery convectors is free air flow from bottom to top, without a fan. The package includes legs.

Accessories for home appliances have been replenished with replaceable HEPA filters for container-type vacuum cleaners. The new filters are designed for vacuum cleaner models MVC-1121, MVC-1125 and MVC-1130. Filters are available in three colors – black, orange, and red.

The Mystery range includes a large number of car refrigerators. Convenient volumes, different cases, but there is a nuance: a thermoelectric refrigerator cannot lower the temperature in the chamber by more than 16-18°C below the ambient temperature, up to a maximum of +5°C.

Now, the great news is that compressor auto-refrigerators have arrived at the warehouse, which can not only cool products, but also freeze them! The temperature inside the main chamber can drop to -22°C, not every freezer can boast of such results! Now any product that you decide to take on a long journey will reach its destination safe and sound.

The range of compressor car refrigerators consists of four models:
MRK-26, MRQ-30, MRQ-40 and MRQ-55.

The volume of the chambers is 23, 30, 38 and 50 liters, respectively. Electronic control, touch panel, battery discharge protection, make new items convenient and very reliable. The Mystery MDC-6A power adapter will allow you to connect the refrigerator to a 220V network and use it, for example, in a country house or camping. By the way, the regular power connector allows you to power the refrigerators from the on-board network, both 12V and 24V. So truck drivers will also not be left without fresh products.

When buying a MYSTERY SmartTV from 23.05 to 23.08 and registering in the SWEET.TV online cinema service, the user receives a gift subscription for 3 months, from the date of registration of the TV in the application.

The catalog of MYSTERY TVs can be viewed at the link.

Despite the fact that it is still winter outside, preparations for the summer heat can already begin. This will help the new line of Mystery fans – MSF-2461, MSF-2462, MSF-2463, MSF-2464.

All four new items received a powerful 60W motor, and a reliable design that allows you to adjust the height, rotation and angle of inclination.

For control, you can use both a panel with LED-indication and a convenient remote control. Mystery MSF-2462, MSF-2463, MSF-2464 support timer function, with off setting, up to 7.5 hours. The MSF-2461 fan is also equipped with an additional display, and the off timer can be set up to 9 hours.

Three airflow modes are available – Normal, Natural, and Night.

The range of Mystery bread machines has expanded with three new models – MBM-1211, MBM-1214, MBM-1220. All three devices equipped electronic control panels, a large number of programs for baking, temperature support and bowls with different sizes.

Thanks to the non-stick baking mould, pastries will be baked evenly, with a crispy, appetizing crust. Using simple recipes, you can easily make white, whole wheat or French bread, sweet pastries and much more.

In the category of home appliances, a new cyclone vacuum cleaner in red color – Mystery MVC-1130.

The powerful 1700 W motor ensures fast and high-quality cleaning.  Standard nozzles will help you clean furniture and hard-to-reach places. The new vacuum cleaner have transparent container, which is easy to clean. The hypoallergenic HEPA filter captures the finest dust particles.