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New compressor refrigerators Mystery

New compressor refrigerators Mystery

The Mystery range includes a large number of car refrigerators. Convenient volumes, different cases, but there is a nuance: a thermoelectric refrigerator cannot lower the temperature in the chamber by more than 16-18°C below the ambient temperature, up to a maximum of +5°C.

Now, the great news is that compressor auto-refrigerators have arrived at the warehouse, which can not only cool products, but also freeze them! The temperature inside the main chamber can drop to -22°C, not every freezer can boast of such results! Now any product that you decide to take on a long journey will reach its destination safe and sound.

The range of compressor car refrigerators consists of four models:
MRK-26, MRQ-30, MRQ-40 and MRQ-55.

The volume of the chambers is 23, 30, 38 and 50 liters, respectively. Electronic control, touch panel, battery discharge protection, make new items convenient and very reliable. The Mystery MDC-6A power adapter will allow you to connect the refrigerator to a 220V network and use it, for example, in a country house or camping. By the way, the regular power connector allows you to power the refrigerators from the on-board network, both 12V and 24V. So truck drivers will also not be left without fresh products.